MetaboGen Technology

Over the past decade, the scientific discoveries related to the human microbiome and how it influences health, has made the industry consider novel approaches. New needs to understand how changes in the microbiome may contribute to disease or treatment outcome are created.

MetaboGen has built a platform that integrates top-of-the line metagenomic data analysis with strain identification and subsequent development as well as clinical programs, to ensure successful development of novel assets. The platform allows us to study the microbial composition and reveal key microbial community members in various conditions, and to study the microbiome-host interactions in order to develop means for microbiome modulation and targeting.

We offer our partners great possibilities to tailor development projects, based on our proprietary metagenomic analysis tool MeduzaGen™.

MeduzaGen™ performs quality control of sequence data and removes contaminants. High quality data is then annotated to sequenced genomes and a gene catalogue assembled of genes discovered from previous metagenome studies. This provides quantitative information about the taxonomic and functional composition of the microbial sample. Sequencing of the full metagenome and not only taxonomic marker genes such as the 16S ribosomal genes is especially important since it allows for analysis of the functional composition of the metagenome. The functional composition analysis could include metabolic genes, pathogenicity islands, antibiotic resistance genes, genes for bacterial cell surface adhesion components and more. With our approach, it is possible to also study the diversity and gene richness of a microbial sample. MeduzaGen™ provides a tailored solution beyond standard annotations to public databases.

The underlying concept for MeduzaGen™ has been published and used in several studies shown in the sidebar section of this page.